The Most Powerful Tool in Medicine

Danielle Ofri speaks at the Mayo Clinic about conversation as the single most powerful tool in medicine. More

Facebook Live

Our first Facebook Live event! We discussed doctor-patient communication, medical humanities, the Bellevue Literary Review, patient support groups. And we had a book giveaway. Hope you can join us for the next one on Monday Dec 11 at 2:15 pm.   More

Why Medicine Needs Poetry

“When patients come to us with headache, and stomach pain, and foot pain, and 300 other issues, they are really speaking in metaphor. We may call it somatization disorder, or write them off as “complainers,” but in fact, it is metaphor. To be skilled clinicians—and to get the right diagnosis—we must be able to interpret our patients’ metaphors.” More

POTUS 2017 TV Interview

Is there a difference between calling an insurance company about a prior authorization and calling a Senator about legislation? Danielle talks about why doctors and nurses need to stand up politically for their patients. More


Asking all nurses, doctors, and medical professionals to call their senators and let them know how the proposed healthcare legislation will affect their patients. #HouseCallsCampaign More

C-Span Book TV

The book launch for “What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear” was broadcast on C-Span’s Book TV. Watch Danielle’s discussion and reading from NYC’s legendary Strand Bookstore. More

Danielle Ofri at the Strand

See Danielle speak at New York City’s legendary Strand Bookstore More

Danielle’s TED talk on “Fear: A Necessary Emotion”

Danielle’s TED talk, “When Doctors Face Fear:” a harrowing journey through the intricacies of fear. More

“The Waiting Room”

The novel, “The Waiting Room,” takes place over the course of a single day, and captures how a doctor and her community of patients navigate the crises of both their inner worlds and the outer world. More

“Healing Words” interview

Danielle interviewed at the Mayo Clinic about writing, healing, and medicine. More

Danielle at the Moth MainStage

Danielle performs live for the Moth at the Players’ Theater in New York City. She tells the story of one of her very first patients. More

Documentary: Why Doctors Write

Ken Browne Productions is excited to launch the trailer for the film, “Why Doctors Write: Finding Humanity in Medicine.” Danielle Ofri is filmed at Bellevue Hospital along with one of her long-time patients. When completed, the documentary will explore storytelling and creativity in medicine. More

Danielle’s TED Talk on Deconstructing Perfection

Danielle makes the powerful, against-the-grain case that medical professionals fundamentally avoid something crucial that could lead to dramatic improvements in care and ultimately could save lives. More

Why Doctors Write

How does writing affect a doctor’s practice of medicine? What are the ethics of writing about patients? Should patients be part of the process? Watch the full program broadcast on WGBH -Boston. More

Books by Danielle Ofri