Singular Intimacies

Singular Intimacies is the story of becoming a doctor by immersion at New York’s Bellevue Hospital, the oldest public hospital in the country. When Danielle Ofri first enters the doors as a medical student, she is immediately plunged into the teeming world of urban medicine. It is here that Dr. Ofri develops a profound instinct for healing and, above all, learns to navigate the tangled vulnerabilities of doctor and patient.

Danielle reads the harrowing story “Possessing Her Words” from Singular Intimacies.

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“…the essence of becoming and being a doctor.”

New England Journal of Medicine

“Danielle Ofri is a finely gifted writer, a born storyteller as well as a born physician…”

Oliver Sacks, M.D, author of Awakenings and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

“Danielle Ofri brings us into that place where science and the soul meet. Her vivid and moving prose enriches the mind and turns the heart. We are privileged to journey with her…”

Jerome Groopman, M.D, author of How Doctors Think

“These essays. . . resonate with insight, intelligence, humor and an extraordinary sensitivity.”

Publisher’s Weekly


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