Sunday Crossword Puzzle Clue

On a recent Sunday, my editor from Beacon Press was killing time doing the Washington Post crossword puzzle. Imagine her surprise to come across 86-across–a book that she had edited! More

Studio Visit: Nicole Cohen

Danielle Ofri, Bellevue Literary Review‘s Editor-in-Chief, visited the studio of multimedia artist Nicole Cohen in Lower Manhattan. Nicole weaves together past and present using video, drawing, painting, archival photos, and installations. BLR is honored to have Nicole’s “portraits in books” as the cover of Issue 46, featuring the winners of the 2024 BLR Literary Prizes. … More

Studio Visit: Alexander Gorlizki

Danielle visits the studio of Alexander Gorlizki in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Gorlizki’s vibrant art graces the cover of BLR Issue 44, featuring the 2023 BLR contest winners More

Studio Visit: Tatana Kellner

Danielle visits the studio of Tatana Kellner in upstate New York. Kellner’s touching art graces the cover of BLR Issue 45, which is focused on the theme of Taking Care. More

Covid Vaccine Heebie-Jeebies

Few patients seem to have specific reasons for declining the Covid vaccine. There’s just a vague hedge, or an abashed, “I don’t know, I just don’t.” It’s as though they have a communal case of the heebie-jeebies. More

“When We Do Harm” in Chinese

你好 Nǐ hǎo Beacon Press is excited to announce that When We Do Harm is now available in Chinese! Click here to order. Also available in Chinese: What Patients Say, What Doctors HearWhat Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine More

Disability and Creativity

Danielle Ofri interviews poet Lynn Strongin about her experience with polio, its impact on her poetry, and the irrepressible creative impulse. More

It Shouldn’t Be This Easy to Lose Health Insurance

Why do Americans even have to “remember” to get health insurance every year? We don’t ask citizens to remember to enroll with the fire department every year, or to remember to sign up for electricity service or water. More

The Art of Taking Care

Go behind the scenes of BLR’s special issue on Taking Care. Meet poets, writers, editors, artists, and caregivers. More

Unfinished Symphony

The baton came down and everyone was off. I tried to catch a few notes but was immediately flailing and thoroughly lost. It went downhill from there, for a solid hour, an experience that could comfortably be compared to extended root canal, although dentists generally provide anesthesia. More

(Serious) Fun with the UnLonely Film Festival.

Danielle Ofri hosts Jeremy Nobel, founder and president of the Foundation for Art and Healing, as they screen three remarkable short films from the UnLonely Film Festival that explore themes of loneliness, connection, and belonging. These films are not afraid to be creative, resonant, or even hilarious. Meet the creative teams behind the films, and see how just much power can be packed into an under-10-minute-movie. More

The Evening Hero

Marie Myung-Ok Lee, the acclaimed Korean-American writer, joins BLR editors Doris W. Cheng and Danielle Ofri for a fascinating conversation about medicine, immigration, rural America, North Korea, family, and history. Marie Myung-Ok Lee, is the author of the novel, “The Evening Hero.” Presented in collaboration with the Asian American Writers’ Workshop. More

BLR Spring Reading: Winning Words

A celebration of BLR’s 44th issue and the winners of the 2023 BLR literary prizes. Featuring winners Lara Palmqvist, Jehanne Dubrow, and Caroline Harper New. Interviews by BLR editors Doris W. Cheng, Scott Oglesby, and Abba Belgrave. Additional readings by honorable mentions Karen K. Ford, Sabah Parsa, and Karan Kapoor. Hosted by Danielle Ofri. More

The Healing Power of Art

BLR Editors Danielle Ofri and Abba Belgrave, along with BLR writers Sharon Pretti and Samuel Autman, explore the power of art to help both the ill and their health providers grapple with the medical and psychological challenges of illness. More

Telling the Stories of Healthcare

Danielle Ofri talks with medical students about how her interest in writing began, the story behind starting BLR, and her advice for impactful storytelling. More

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