“What Doctors Feel”

“Healing Words” interview

Danielle Ofri interviewed at the Mayo Clinic about writing, healing, and medicine. More

NYU Stories review of “What Doctors Feel”

A rare glimpse into the effects of shuttling from patient to patient without being allowed to process the powerful feelings—fear, anger, grief—that naturally arise when lives are at stake. More

Clinical Correlations review of “What Doctors Feel”

As the saxophone virtuoso Charlie Parker said, “If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn.” More

Science-Based Medicine review of “What Doctors Feel”

A patient might reasonably say “I don’t give a damn how my doctor feels as long as she gets me better,” but emotions affect everything we do, influencing clinical decisions and patient outcomes. More

Boston Globe review of “What Doctors Feel”

A fascinating journey into the heart and mind of a physician struggling to do the best for her patients while navigating an imperfect health care system that often seems to value “efficiency,” measured in dollars and minutes, more than the emotional well-being of either physician or patient. More

Publishers Weekly review of “What Doctors Feel”

An eloquent and honest take on the inner life of medical professionals. Ofri’s passionate examination of her own fears and doubts alongside broader concerns within the medical field should be eye-opening for the public—and required reading for medical students. More

Booklist **STARRED REVIEW** of “What Doctors Feel”

Her insightful and invigorating book makes the case that it’s better for patients if a physician’s emotional compass-needle points in a positive direction. More

Kirkus Reviews: “What Doctors Feel”

An invaluable guide for doctors and patients on how to “recognize and navigate the emotional subtexts” of the doctor-patient relationship. More

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