Rationing Patient Care–NPR

Commentator Danielle Ofri is a physician at a big New York City hospital. She tells the story of how a poor patient had little choice but to wait months for a specialist; this would not have been the case if the patient had money. More

Unknown Asian Male–NPR

Commentator Dr. Danielle Ofri tells the story of a patient who was found singing John Denver songs and appeared to be mentally disturbed. But he was simply a victim of poisoning. He’d been given scopalamine, which thieves use to cause amnesia in victims. And luckily, there’s an antidote. More

Prescribing Good Health–NPR

Commentator Dr. Danielle Ofri tells of one of her patients who was in apparent good health, but who was stuck in low wage job. She knew from statistics that people with such jobs have greater risk of dying early. So she tutored him in his SATs so he could get into college. More

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