June 2010

Residency Regulators are Back!

Every patient wants a doctor who is well rested and alert, but limiting residents to 80 hours per week wasn’t as simple a panacea as it seemed. In fact, the 80-hour workweek did not decrease errors and did not increase sleep time for the doctors. More

Fascinating Tapestry – “Medicine in Translation”

Story Circle Book Reviews The threads of Danielle Ofri’s memoir, Medicine in Translation, come together in a fascinating tapestry, with shimmers of what it is to be a physician, a mother, a writer and musician, a person with opinions trying to open herself to a world full of differences. She writes well, and the stories … More

True Stories – “Medicine in Translation”

by Elaine Zimbel In person Dr. Danielle Ofri is an impressive woman with a healthy respect for the doctor/patient relationship.  She was guest speaker at a McGill University seminar entitled “Singular Intimacies: literature as a bridge between doctor and patient”, a topic which particularly interested me since I had given courses of my own design … More

The Pastor’s Son

There was a sharp rap at the apartment door. When Samuel Chuks Nwanko opened it, he saw a young man standing in the hallway wearing a stained denim jacket over a University of Nigeria T-shirt. The whites of his eyes were spidered with crimson streaks. He was probably a fellow university student, but not in the civil engineering department. Samuel didn’t recognize him. More

Patient by Patient – review of “Medicine in Translation”

 Jewish Book Council Often lost in rancorous public debates is the impact proposed social changes will have on individuals. The health care reform bill recently passed by Congress is one such case. Billions of dollars may be saved and millions of people will have health insurance. But what can happen to a specific, living, breathing individual? Danielle Ofri’s latest offering, Medicine in Translation, may … More

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