The Best Of…

Sample some of Danielle Ofri’s unforgettable medical tales from her  books. (©Beacon Press)

WATCH: Possessing Her Words
A dramatic story at the ICU bedside.
From Singular Intimacies.
WATCH: Tools of The Trade
A profound encounter that offers universal resonance. From .
READ Tools of the Trade in NEJM.
READ Change of Heart
Does an endearing drug addict”deserve” a new heart valve?
From Singular Intimacies.
WATCH: July 1st, (Part 1)
Day 1 of Doctorhood: humorous and moving.  From Singular Intimacies.
WATCH: July 1st, (Part 2)
The story continues.
From Singular Intimacies.
WATCH: July 1st, (Part 3)
Don’t miss the unforgettable climax.
From Singular Intimacies.

READ the dramatic prologue of
Incidental Findings
The tables are turned
and the doctor is now a patient.
From Incidental Findings

READ The Dive, a portrait of an unforgettable New Zealander who has made the world
a better place.
From Medicine in Translation.

READ Living Will.
A Korean War veteran raises existential questions of life.
From Incidental Findings.

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