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Women in Medicine Transforming Healthcare

Danielle Ofri and Lucy Lester discuss the history and the current status of women in medicine, and how women have transformed healthcare.
Co-sponsored by AMWA (American Women’s Medical Association) & WIMLF (Women in Medicine Legacy Foundation). More

The Doctors Blackwell

Few people today know much about what Elizabeth Blackwell actually did, and fewer are even aware of her younger sister Emily, by far the more accomplished clinician. More

Women Still Missing from Medicine’s Top Ranks

While women make up about half of all medical students and a third of academic faculty members, they are are still vastly underrepresented in leadership roles. Is it that the medical world remains biased against women? Or is it that the culture of the workplace — built around the needs of men for generations — simply remains that way? More

Assuming the Doctor’s a “He”

A classic study of preschoolers in 1979 showed that even young children “knew” that doctors were men and nurses were women. But surely we’ve moved beyond these stereotypes, no? More

Part-Time Medicine

At times, being a part-time doctor feels like I’m somehow shirking the Hippocratic Oath: I’m not there for my patients all the time like a doctor should. During my “on” days, I work furiously like all of my colleagues. But on my “off” days, I am officially off. More

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