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“When We Do Harm” in Chinese

你好 Nǐ hǎo Beacon Press is excited to announce that When We Do Harm is now available in Chinese! Click here to order. Also available in Chinese: What Patients Say, What Doctors HearWhat Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine More

“When We Do Harm” in Russian

привет Privet! Beacon Press is excited to announce that “When We Do Harm” is now available in Russian! More

“When We Do Harm” in Japanese

こんにちは Kon’nichiwa! Beacon Press is excited to announce that “When We Do Harm” is now available in Japanese! More

Danielle Ofri on NPR’s “Fresh Air”

Danielle Ofri interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air More

Book Excerpt: Florence Nightingale Turns 200

Florence Nightingale’s medical contributions weren’t just revolutionary, they were prescient, almost to an unsettling degree. It could be argued that Florence Nightingale created the concept of patient safety, More

In Conversation with Dr. Damon Tweedy

Danielle Ofri in conversation with Damon Tweedy–a wide-ranging discussion about medical error, patient safety, Covid-19, EMR, and inequalities in the medical system More

Medical Errors during the Covid Crisis

There’s no doubt that what went right during the Covid pandemic was far greater than what went wrong. But things did go wrong, and part of the professional commitment that has been so justly lauded entails an honest reckoning of our shortcomings. More

Trial and Error

When I look back at the trial-and-error method of my medical training, I’m frankly horrified at what was considered a routine approach to training—placing sharp objects and critical conversations in the hands of medical fetuses and letting them loose on living, breathing patients. The practice of medicine needn’t entail actual practicing on our patients More

Respect and How it Impacts Patient Safety

When we tolerate a culture of disrespect, we aren’t just being insensitive, or obtuse, or lazy, or enabling. We’re in fact violating the first commandment of medicine: Do No Harm. More

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