“Medicine in Translation”

Facing the Water

She eyed the cool, glistening water, watching her friends swim. Gushes of water lapped over the edge, dousing the riverbank’s knot of weeds and rushes. She chided herself for forgetting her bathing suit. But this outing hadn’t been planned… More

Meet Dr. Chan….

“Dr. Chan and Mrs. Geng eased out of their chairs in the waiting room using their matching wooden canes, the kind distributed by the hospital, free of charge. At 89, Dr. Chan was stooped and frail, his body paper-thin. He seemed as though he might topple over from the breeze generated by the opening and … More

Fascinating Tapestry – “Medicine in Translation”

Story Circle Book Reviews The threads of Danielle Ofri’s memoir, Medicine in Translation, come together in a fascinating tapestry, with shimmers of what it is to be a physician, a mother, a writer and musician, a person with opinions trying to open herself to a world full of differences. She writes well, and the stories … More

True Stories – “Medicine in Translation”

by Elaine Zimbel In person Dr. Danielle Ofri is an impressive woman with a healthy respect for the doctor/patient relationship.  She was guest speaker at a McGill University seminar entitled “Singular Intimacies: literature as a bridge between doctor and patient”, a topic which particularly interested me since I had given courses of my own design … More

The Pastor’s Son

There was a sharp rap at the apartment door. When Samuel Chuks Nwanko opened it, he saw a young man standing in the hallway wearing a stained denim jacket over a University of Nigeria T-shirt. The whites of his eyes were spidered with crimson streaks. He was probably a fellow university student, but not in the civil engineering department. Samuel didn’t recognize him. More

Patient by Patient – review of “Medicine in Translation”

 Jewish Book Council Often lost in rancorous public debates is the impact proposed social changes will have on individuals. The health care reform bill recently passed by Congress is one such case. Billions of dollars may be saved and millions of people will have health insurance. But what can happen to a specific, living, breathing individual? Danielle Ofri’s latest offering, Medicine in Translation, may … More

Treating Patients When Language Is Only One of the Barriers

“A defective heart, a child detained by border guards — Julia Barquero had already had her struggles. But now her physician at Bellevue Hospital Center, Dr. Danielle Ofri, was trying to explain to Ms. Barquero that she could not receive a heart transplant because she was an illegal immigrant. More

C-Span Book TV

Danielle’s reading at Washington DC’s finest independent bookstore–Politics & Prose–was broadcast on C-Span’s Book TV More

Washington Post review of “Medicine in Translation”

by Sarah Halzack Washington Post  The first patient introduced in “Medicine in Translation” is Samuel Nwanko, a Nigerian man who came to the United States seeking medical treatment after he nearly died when gang members beat him and poured acid on him, permanently damaging his eyes and disfiguring his face. His story makes for a … More

Writing “Medicine in Translation”

by Danielle Ofri Huffington Post The first book I wrote custom essays uk about medicine, “Singular Intimacies,” did not start out as a book. It started out as a breather–an exhalation, you might say–after a decade of medical training at Bellevue Hospital. After ten years of exams, hospitals, illness and death, I needed some air. … More

New York Times review of “Medicine in Translation”

by Sam Roberts New York Times “When my immigrant grandmother contracted a contagious disease on her voyage to America from Eastern Europe, she was deposited in a London hospital, alone and unable to speak a word of English. Her story has evoked terror every time I have heard it. Imagine being afraid of medical treatment, … More

“Medicine in Translation” video trailer

Danielle Ofri’s book–“Medicine in Translation”–tackles two of the hottest button issues of our day: immigration and health care. “Timely, beautiful, and heartbreaking…” A memoir of medicine, family, immigration and culture. More

Book Launch for “Medicine in Translation”

It was a frigid January night, but happily that didn’t stop booklovers from coming out to Barnes & Noble on the Upper West Side. Seventy fans and friends packed the seats to hear Danielle Ofri read from her new book, “Medicine in Translation.” She read aloud about her experience caring for a Tibetan hunger striker … More

Found in Translation–excerpt from Audiobook

Listen to the the amusing story of one doctor navigating the world’s languages in a simple clinic session.  “Found in Translation” is an excerpt from audio book of “Medicine in Translation”    More

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