They Sent Me Here

“They told me to give you this,” she said, as she pushed an envelope across the desk toward me. I’ve always been intrigued by who “they” are — those mystery people referred to with such assumed authority and universality. Particularly in a large city hospital, in which the staff is mammoth and constantly changing, “they” constitute a particularly encompassing force. More

Judgement Call

Is the quality of a judgment call determined only by the outcome? Or does it stand alone, with the outcome irrelevant? More

As I Live and Breathe: Notes of a Patient-Doctor

All medical students are required to write “history and physicals” (“H&Ps”) about their patients. I ask my students to write one H&P in a narrative format — that is, to have the patient describe for the student what it is like to have a particular disease and what advice he or she might provide to a doctor in training. “As I Live and Breathe” is a lucidly woven answer to such questions. More

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