Physician Suicide and the Tyranny of Perfection

Doctors have the highest suicide rates of any professional group. But losing two of our newest members within a week of each other is a painful reminder of the dangers of our profession. More

Lives Cut Short by Depression

There is something about a first friend that is irreplaceable. No matter how disparately your lives travel, the first friend you ever had occupies a special place in your heart. I was lucky that Michael was considerate enough to be born four months before me, waiting next door, ready to join me in elaborate childhood games of hide-and-seek, multilevel couch forts and family camping trips in the Catskills. More

Video of “Intensive Care”

Danielle reads the powerful essay “Intensive Care”–about the internal struggles of caregivers. This reading from her book “Singular Intimacies: Becoming a Doctor at Bellevue.” More

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