Audiophile Review of “What Patients Say, What Doctors Feel” audiobook

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Between doctors and patients, communication is critical. Danielle Ofri looks at the ways communication happens–and sometimes doesn’t happen–from a professional standpoint. Narrator Ann M. Richardson shares Ofri’s research and perspective with a personal touch. Richardson’s narration is upbeat, with concern in her voice when necessary, matching the best-case scenario for a doctor’s voice. Her narration can shift in tone adeptly. As she discusses the medical jargon for death–“expired”–her voice captures the absurdity of the euphemism, then becomes somber as she explains the fears behind the euphemism. One can occasionally even hear the lump in her throat as she reads a grim prognosis. Listeners may find this information useful for speaking with their own doctors. J.A.S. © AudioFile 2017,

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