October 2010

Rx: Writing

Writing has always been a prominent part of medicine. Doctors write “histories” of their patients all the time. Increasingly there has been interest in writing by patients. More

Meet Dr. Chan….

“Dr. Chan and Mrs. Geng eased out of their chairs in the waiting room using their matching wooden canes, the kind distributed by the hospital, free of charge. At 89, Dr. Chan was stooped and frail, his body paper-thin. He seemed as though he might topple over from the breeze generated by the opening and … More

The Debilitated Muse

Poetry is a supremely sensory art, both in the imagining and in the writing. What
happens when the poet faces illness? How is the poetry affected by alterations of the body
and mind? More

More on Mammograms

A monolithic message on mammogram screening for breast cancer sidesteps critical nuances. More

Multiculturalism Lecture

Danielle’s lecture on multiculturalism in medicine–“Journeys With Our Patients.” More

Books by Danielle Ofri