May 2010

A Patient, a Death, but No One to Grieve

What if a patient dies and nobody is there to mourn? Is it like a tree falling silently in the forest? More

Scenes From the Lives They Lived in the City

 excerpt from SINGULAR INTIMACIES: Becoming a Doctor at Bellevue printed in the New York Times. ”Nine P.M.,” somebody shouted. ”Rikers bus rollin’ in!” I stepped out of the Bellevue E.R. into the chilly spring night to see what the excitement was. Just pulling in was a school bus, the kind I’d taken every day in elementary … More

Treating Patients When Language Is Only One of the Barriers

by Mike Reicher New York Times “A defective heart, a child detained by border guards — Julia Barquero had already had her struggles. But now her physician at Bellevue Hospital Center, Dr. Danielle Ofri, was trying to explain to Ms. Barquero that she could not receive a heart transplant because she was an illegal immigrant.Dr. … More

At Bellevue, a hospital reflects a changing world

Though city hospitals invoke images of charity patients and substandard, last-resort medical care, the reality is quite different. More

Sometimes, Doctors Find Answers Far Off the Charts

Sometimes it is only when the patient is halfway out the door that the important information spills out. The “hand on the doorknob” phenomenon is well known in medicine. More

At a Bustling City Clinic, Esperanto Would Come In Handy

Despite three long years of high school French, the best I could come up with was “Je m’appelle Dr. Ofri.” More

A Literary Review at Bellevue? Believe It

“Just tell me a story,” Dr. Danielle Ofri admonishes her medical students and interns at morning rounds. To Dr. Ofri, an attending physician at Bellevue Hospital Center, a part-time writer and the editor in chief of the Bellevue Literary Review, every patient’s history is a mystery story, a narrative that unfolds full of surprises, exposing the vulnerability at the human core. More

Book Club Guides

Have a book club? Looking for something different? online research papers Beacon Press now offers book club guides for all of Danielle’s books. There is also a book club guide for “The Best of the Bellevue Literary Review” that is also a full medical humanities curriculum. Check them out and share with friends. What Doctors … More

Interview for “A Sweet Life”

by Jane Kokernak “A Sweet Life” Danielle Ofri is a physician at New York’s Bellevue Hospital and co-founder and editor-in-chief of Bellevue Literary Review.  Her twin roles are inextricable, and in both medicine and arts and letters she has illuminated how illness has meaning, in an individual’s life and in our culture. In the hospital … More

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