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No human thing is more universal than illness, in all its permutations, and no literary publication holds more credibility on the subject than The Bellevue Literary Review.”

Best of the BLR

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The Best of the Bellevue Literary Review is a powerful and eloquent assemblage of favorite stories, essays, and poems from our first six years. Published by the Bellevue Literary Press, the book contains an eclectic range of writing from both emerging and celebrated writers, including Julia Alvarez, Rafael Campo, Rick Moody, and Abraham Verghese. If you are new to the BLR, this is the perfect introduction to the wonderful writing that has graced our pages.The Best of the Bellevue Literary Review offers a free study guide for teachers of literature, ethics, medical students, nursing students, health care professionals and general reading groups.

Browse The Best of Bellevue Literary Review study guide by section:
♦ Part I: Initiation
♦ Part II: Conflict: Grappling with Illness
♦ Part III: Denouement 

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