July 2011

“Noncompliant” Patient?

It was a year into our relationship when my patient finally told me the truth. No wonder he couldn’t keep his medications straight. Read more

Stereotyping Patients and their Ailments

Mr. S received the unwelcome news that he was H.I.V. positive, though his T-cell count was still in the normal range. His T-cell count stayed high enough to protect him from opportunistic infections. He seemed to be one of the rare, lucky “nonprogressors.” But after several years of consistently robust T-cell counts, one of the nurse practitioners had a hunch. Read more

Books by Danielle Ofri

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  • singular-intimacies-cover
  • incidental-findings-cover
  • medicine-in-translation-cover
  • intensive-care-cover
  • what-doctors-feel-cover
  • bellevue-cover